An exploratory study on the applied irrigation technology in the desert lands in the west of Minya and Assuit

Abstract: The study aimed to recognize some characteristics in the area of the
study, to identify the respondent information sources of modern irrigation
technology, and their level of implementation of modern irrigation technology
in the area of the study and the problems which face them during
implementation of modern irrigation technology.
The study was conducted in Minya and Assuit governorates in some
villages were chosen randomly among the Desert back villages in the two
governorates, villages 3, 5 and 8 in Minya and Dashlout, Bawit and Deer
alganadila in Assuit governorate.
The data was collected in June and July 2019 from the sample
through focus group discussion, the total number of the respondents was
129, the descriptive system was used in analyzing data.
The main results were as follows:
First: some agricultural characteristics in the area of the study ;
About a third of the respondents in Minya grow vegetables, half of them
grow traditional crops and few grow medical and garden crops .
In Assuit about half of the respondents grow vegetables, about a
third of them grow traditional crops and the few that remain grow garden
and medical crops.
The results show that the water used in irrigation is from wells by
two thirds and the number of days for irrigation shift in the main canal does
د. حمدي محمد معوض الشريف د. معمر جابر جاد د.عالء الدين عمي محمد
not exceed 3 days, the level of water in the main canal is mostly weak,
about one third of the growers use electric energy in operating irrigation
machine, two thirds of them use diesel machines, the discussions results
showed that one fifth of the growers irrigate by Immersion style while Fourfifths of theme use dripping or spraying style.
Second: The results of the discussion showed that the high majority of
growers resort to relatives and neighbors as the most important source
of information about modern irrigation technology in the study area, the
second source of information was Senior farmers in the village and this
was reported by half of the respondents, then agriculture programs TV
by third of the respondents while the rest of the sources were of a very
low level.
Third: level of implementation of modern irrigation technology in the area of
the study: the level of applying improving soil technologies, growing
system, technologies of surface irrigation and systems of rational
irrigation were low, while it was average concerning the technology of
irrigation systems and it was high level in the technology of irrigation
Fourth: The problems which face the growers in applying irrigation
technology: The absence of agriculture extension and water guidance
in the area, the growers' little financial ability, the high cost of building
modern irrigation nets, the unavailability of water in the main canal,
growing land as a usufruct only and the difficulty in rationing the
possession case, the growers little awareness concerning the rational
use of irrigation water, not having finance to Facilitate using modern
irrigation system, traditions in the over use of water , not having
specialized persons in maintaining the modern irrigation nets in the
area, the unavailability of needed quantities of agriculture gypsum,
Publication year 2020
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City الجيزة
ISSN 1110-7871
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