Factors causing job satisfaction of extension workers in Alexandria governorate [EGYPT].

Abstract: This study aims mainly to determine job satisfaction of
Extension workers in Alexandria Governorate and to determine the relationship between job satisfaction and personal characteristics, communication variables. Data were collected from 112 respondents analyzed and by utilizing simple correlation coefficients, percentages, and arithmetic mean.
Job satisfaction was measured through a scale consisted of thirty items and the responses were graded on a three point continuum regarding the following job satisfaction factors: Payment, promotion_ opportunities, recognition advantages and benefits, job conditions, supervision, work colleagues, policy of extension organization.
Results indicate that there are dissatisfaction generally among respondents. From those ranked payment, as the first factor of dissatisfaction, 97% of respondents indicated discontented with their salaries. The second group of factors was "supervision" 92% of respondents expressed their dissatisfaction with their supervisors who didn't provide them with the recent technical information.
Publication year 1989
Pages 14
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    د. مصطفى كامل السيد
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Work satisfaction.
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