A study of some factors Affecting the Bean Production in El- Delengat Beheira Governorate

Abstract: This study aims mainly to know the factors helping to increase the farmers bean production in Delengat.
Data was collected through a questionnaire. A sample of farmers was collected randomly consisting of 100 farmers. The Analysis of data used multi regression coefficient and percentages. Results showed that 60% of respondants are of moderate fatetalism, and About 90% are of moderate and low social participation which is considered as a bean production obstacle. It was also shown twat 76% of respondants have moderate and low modernization level and that 75% of respondants are of low level of extensional contacts, which must be overcomes through improving extensional services to reach the farmers wherever they are. It was also found that more than 5C% of farmes do not apply the technical advices concerning bean cultivation in respect of; distance between cultivating lines,
Protection of bean cover during cultivation, cultivation in the exact time, suitable seed rate, method and date of chemical fertilization, and the suitable date for irrigation. Findings also showed that the ten independent avariables together affect the dependant variable by 37% which is the level of knowledge and experience of bean farmers. This indicates that there are other variables which have a direct or an indirect effect on bean production and necessitates defining and studying inorder to improve the production.
Publication year 1990
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