A study of some variables associated with the use of extension methods by extension agents in Beheira governorate

Abstract: The main objective of this, study was to identify the relationship between the degree of using extension means and methods by the extension agent as a dependent variable, and each of the following independent variables; extension experience period, educational level, training level, methods of transferring Agri. Problems, availability of extension work possibilities, and self estimation of administrative atmosphere.
Data were collected using a questionnaire given to 100 extension agents in Beheira Governorate. Simple correlation and Qui Square (X2) were used in analysis of data.
Results revealed that, more than half of the respondents had experience period of 6 to 11 years. 68% of respon¬dents had B.S.C. of Agri., while 84% had attended at least one training program 60% always resort to their direct supervisor for transferring problems. 52% were in the middle category concerning the availability of extension work possi¬bilities. 42% of respondents had moderate level of self estimation for administrative atmosphere. Results also showed the use of meetings, symposia, extension publications, and visits as extension means and methods. A significant and directly proportional relationship was found between the use of extension methods by extension agents as a dependent variable and each of; extension experience period, methods of transferring Agri. problems to be solved, availability of extension work possibilities and self estimation.
Publication year 1991
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