The Administrative Awareness of Extension Agents And Its Effect On The Extension activity In Some Egyptian Governorates

Abstract: The objective of this study is to identify the degree of-the extension agents administrative awareness of the existing function components within the extension system, and to explore its effect on the extension activity in Kafr El-Shiek and Al-Behiera Governor¬ates.
Data were collected from a random sample of 250 extension agents through personal interviews by using frequencies, percentages mean and Pearson correlation coefficient to analyse the data statistically .
Results revealed that, there were six administrative practicized functions within the extension work. They are : the directing. (66.8%), the controlling, the planning, the organizing, the formatting, and the coordinating functions respectively. It was also found that, there were five components for the "directing" function. The first of them was; the availability of direct and indirect adminis¬trative communication means. (76.4%). Results indicated also the presence of six components for the " controlling" function of mana¬gement. Reports and records were the first of them (98%). Moreover, there were seven components for each of; planning and coordinating functions. While only six components were found for each of ; orga¬nizing and formation functions.
Significant positive correlations were found between the degree of administrative awareness as a dependant variable and each of; education (0.279), Occupational experience (0.208), and the degree of training exposure (0.402) as independent variables. Also significant positive correlations were found between the degree of Exte¬nsion activity as a dependant variable and each of ; Extension occupational experience ( 0.390), the degree at communication, and the coordinative cooperation (0.267) as independants variables.
Publication year 1995
Pages 25
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Publisher Name: Agricultural Research Centre – Egypt
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