A study of extension marketing needs among newly graduated farmers in selected sugar-beet villages in al Noubaria region

Abstract: This study is directed towards identifying both; the agricultural marketing knowledge levels, and the related variables among the qualified farmers (newly graduated youths) in selected villages in Al Noubaria. Data were collected through personal interview questionnaire from a random sample of graduated farmers.
Results showed in limitation in general law levels of respondente agricultural marketing knowledge. About 66%, and 22% of the respondents were with low and moderate levels respectively. Respondents also expressed the need for marketing training of several agricultural crops, the first of which was the tomato crop represented by (52%) of respondents, followed by the Cantalop (50.4%), Apples (48.8%) and finally the faba beans (48%).
Respondents pointed also that their marketing - training needs in the field of livestock, and it was found that chicken was in the first class by (53.6%), then Calf buffalo and milking livestock feeding by (47.2%), and finally sheep and lamb (42.4%). It was also found also important which offer educational and training activities related gap in to agricultural marketing incolud: the agricultural research (71.2%), followed by the International settlement and rural Development center (68%) and lastly the agricultural colleges (64.8%).
Publication year 1996
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