The adoption of some agricultural techniques and practices among graduated farmers in selected sugar - beet villages in Al-Noubaria region

Abstract: This study aimed mainly to identify the most important factors affecting the adoption of some agricultural techniques and practices for graduated respondents . Data were collected from a sample of 110 of graduated farmers by filling out questionnaires through personal interviews .
Results showed that , those of low adoption levels represented 29.08% of the respondents, while those of moderate adoption levels were about 38.18% . These results indicate the low adoption level of the agricultural techniques and practices under investigation among the respondents .
A significant positive correlation was also found between adoption level for some agricultural techniques and practices as a dependent variable and each of, agricultural experience, degree of aspirations, sources of agricultural information, degree of village residence, cosmopoliteness, mass media communications, social participation, opinion leader ship, and the degree of awareness for the attributes of modern agricultural practices as independent variables.
Results also indicated the presence of several obstacles hindering the adoption of some new agricultural techniques and practices : The first of which was " insufficient information and knowledge about new agricultural practices ". (about 76.36% of the respondents ). The second was " defficiency of modern factors of production" ( about 71.82% of the respondents ).
Publication year 1996
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