Adoption of agricultural technology in agric. mechanization field at Qualubiah governorate

Abstract: Development is considered the main concern of all those working in human societies. They agreed that development can be realized in their developing countries through programs that include using new technology and utilizing the technological development that the world witnessed lately. Development in agriculture might be achieved by applying suitable technology recommended by an effective research system capable of producing such technology and test it to be compatible with farmers situation, as well as an efficient and sufficient extension system that has strong linkages with both research and farmers.
Agriculture extension has an effective and important role in the diffusion and adoption of agriculture machinery. Extension can reach early adopters, conduct demonstration in their fields, recommend the type of machines needed, using these machines through extension meetings farmers problems of using these new advantage in reflecting farmers problems of using these new machines.
Diffusion and adoption of agricultural machines, extension should focus on general and specific extension programs that is based on the needs and interests of target farmers. Extension should deal with the barriers limiting this diffusion and adoption.
Publication year 2006
Pages 1-269
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