Farmers Adoption Of Using Compost Fertilizer In Minia Governorate

Abstract: The main objectives of the study were to identify the adoption level of farmers to use compost, the problems facing farmers in using compost, and suggest an extension program to enhance the adoption rate of farmers to use compost in Minia governorate. The sample amounted 230 farmers. They were selected from nine villages in Minia governorate.
The main results of the study were as follows:
• 53% of respondents had low level of adoption. While 32.6% had a moderate level of adoption. Those who had high level of adoption representing 14.4%.
• The problems facing farmers in using compost fertilizer were as follows: high costs of producing compost, shortage of grinding machines, unavailability of farm waste, few number of extension fields, low awareness level about using compost.
Publication year 2007
Pages 152
Availability location Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Research Institutes library
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Country Egypt
Publisher Name: Agricultural Economics Department Faculty of Agriculture Minia University
Place: Minia governorate, A.R.E
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Organic fertilizers.
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Publication Type PhD Thesis