Farmers' knowledge level of agricultural technical recommendations in relation with Tomato Production and marketing in some villages of Ismailia governorate

Abstract: The main objective of the research was primarily to identify farmers'
knowledge level of technical recommendations related to Tomato
Production and marketing.
Affiliated with the previously mentioned objective, some other objectives
were stated. Those affiliated objectives were: to determine main
information sources from which Tomato farmers obtain their technical
recommendation information related to tomato production and marketing
the research villages; to determine relative importance of the previously
mentioned technical recommendations resources; to determine the main
activities practiced by the research participants from which Tomato
farmers acquire their knowledge and skills in relation with Tomato
production and marketing; to identify the most critical obstacles that
encounter the research participants during production and marketing of
their tomato crop; and to identify proper solutions in coping with
tomato obstacle solutions perceived by them.
The research was conducted at Ismailia govemorate during the period
November - December, 2014. three villages were delected from three
selected districts in accordance with the biggest cultivated area,
production, and tomato farmers( tuson village IIsmailia district, El Tel
EL Kebir village I El tal el kebir district, and el roudda village I EI-
Kanttara district) .
A systematic random sample of235 farmers was drawn (almost 13 of
farmers' population).
A written questionnaire and face-to- face interview were used in
collecting the research data. Frequency tables, percentage, and arithmetic
mean were used in analyzing the obtained research data. The research
findings were explained in details.
Publication year 2015
Pages 153 - 186
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