Abstract: This research aims to determine the knowledge of cattle jam disease,
foot and mouth in Ismailia governorate level, and the sources of their
information about him, and also search in three centers of the problems they
face in the field of combat, has conducted one of the largest administrative
centers for cattle to maintain, and each center has been chosen the village of
the same star.dard on a sample of educators have been randomly selected
regular payroll limited numerical associations livestock development strength
in the region of 256 Mbhotha by approximately 34.1 % of the overall volume of
750 educator guestrooms, data were collected during the months of March
and April 2012·, against the personal respondents using a questionnaire, and
used for the analysis and presentation of data and results tabular
presentation Icops and percentages.
The most important findings of the research are as follows:
- Cognitive level of foot and mouth disease respondents was low, the
percentage of respondents was 53.2%, and 29.6% and 25.3%, and 61.3%,
and 52.7% and 65.1 %, and 81.7%, and 82 % respectively for packages
following recommendations: knowledge in the name of the disease and
Mcespbath, and the reasons for its spread, and the sources of its infection,
Boaradh on the animal, and in ways that fight, and Baradh to humans and
the procedures and precautions to be taken to cope with the disease area
of research, while this level was moderate proportions of respondents to
the same packets Previous recommendations were: 62.4%, and 53.2% and
38.3%, and 40.3%, and 24.7%, and 14. %, And 14% respectively of total
- The most important sources of information that draws them educators knew
about foot and mouth disease were as follows:' family and neighbors by
82.4%, and agricultural programs broadcast by 82%, and agricultural
programs television by 78.5%, and the veterinarian by 77.7%.ofthe total
respondents, totaling 256 Mbhotha . .
- The most important problems facing educators during the fight against the
disease were as follows: the lack of veterinary medicines by 82.4%, high
jabs and fortifications used to combat the disease rates by 82%, and say to
prepare counselors veterinarians by 81.7% of the total number of
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