Knowledge of poultry farmers infected with bird flu In Some villages in Ismailia governorate

Abstract: This study aimed primarily determine the knowledge of poultry jam bird in some villages in Ismailia flu level, and conducted this study IsmaiIia Govenorate, three centers of the largest administrative centers for poultry and birds and was selected village from each center, and selected a random sample of regular folk 260 Mbhotha from producers Poultry, 'were selected from lists a few associations of livestock development in the region with a rate of roughly about 32.5% of the overall size of $800 an educator and data were collected by personal interview using a questionnaire to respondents form, and collected data during the months of May and June 2014. The use of data analysis frequencies, percentages, and summarized the most important findings of the study are as follows: With regard to the level of knowledge of the respondents bird flu was low following recommendations: knowledge of the disease and its causes, and knowledge of the reasons for the spread of the disease, and the sources of infection of the disease, and symptoms of the disease on the animal, and disease control methods, and the symptoms of the disease on. the human and the procedures and precautions to be taken to cope with the disease in research in percentages reached: reached 29.6%, and 25.4% and '61.8%, and 51.9%, and 64.2%, 80.4%, and 82.3%, while this was the level average ratios of respondents to the same previous packages and recommendations reached: 61.9%, and 52.7%, and 38.1 %, and 39.2%, and 24.2%, and 13.8. % Of the total respondents, and With regard to the most important sources that draws them respondents knew about the bird flu are: parents, neighbours, agricultural radio and television programs in percentage reached 81.9%, and 77.3%, and 75% of the total respondents, whereas with regard to the most important problems facing the respondents with respect to health care for poultry to prevent bird flu are: lack of availability of veterinary medicines in time to appropriate, high vaccine prices and fortifications to fight the disease, and the limited number of guides veterinarians rates .of 82.3% and 80.4%, and 80.4% The total number of recommendations for college-level knowledge of the respondents, from bird flu reached 41 technical recommendation .Drajthm cognitive ranged between 0-82 degrees .
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