Abstract: Show for those interested damaged agricultural pests as causing
the loss of about 20% of the total projected income from agricultural
crops in Ismailia, which is estimated at one billion dollars as the
missing part of this revenue is about 200 million dollars and a review
of previous studies in the field of this study, it became clear that there is
a paucity of studies on this area and during NOTE researcher area
search show him the spread of pests and diseases of animals' and birds
including threatens agricultural production and affect the productivity
of inferiority severe, and so it was necessary to conduct this research,
this study aimed primarily identify needs indicative of cognitive and
executive growers surveyed in the field of combating agricultural pests
harmful to agricultural production Ismailia Govenorate, has been
conducting this research 'in Ismailia. governorate through a systematic
random sample totaled 105 respondents 72.4% of the overall volume of
data was collected through personal interview questionnaire during
January and February 2014 were statistically significant data
processing through the frequencies and percentages.

The main results are the following: that there are eighteen
recommendation was the level of need for knowledge of the respondents
for each of them up are: know the symptoms of pest infestation and
agricultural damages to agricultural production, and non-cereal crops
early maturing before the neighbors do not even get hurt birds, and
know the families of pests appropriate redundant control , and
chemical fertilizer types, quantities and approprtate ways.: and
biological control and pesticides for each of pests and weeds, and the
critical limit for combating pests Balhaslat agricultural, and the
agricultural cycle. and knowing the types and behaviors of agricultural"
pests to control, and organic fertilizer or bio, 'and giving confidential
false and plowing to combat weeds and pests, and the fight against
pests agricultural practices appropriate. and the taste of poison,
regarding the level of need for the executive to respondents was up to
twelve recommendation are: non-cereal crops early maturing before
the neighbors do not even get hurt birds, and chemical fertilizer types
quantities and appropriate ways, and biological control and pesticide.
for pests and weeds, and the agricultural cycle, and organic fertilizers
and bio, giving confidential false and plowing to combat weeds are
pests, and pest control harmful agricultural practices appropriate, and
control the taste of poison reaching averages for each of the needs of
cognitive and executive high between 1.5 to 1.94 percentage between
75% to 97%, while showing that there are four recommendations was
the level of need for cognitive and executive have average are:
combating pests of agricultural crops mechanics, and all of the planned
farming methods suitable, and the distance between the injustice of
cultivated where averages calculation between 1.0-1. 74 percentage
between 50% to 74%, and while the level of need for cognitive and
executive for the rest of the recommendations is low.

Publication year 2014
Pages 196 - 182
Availability location معهد بحوث الارشاد الزراعي والتنمية الريفية
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Publisher Name: جامعة الزقازيق - كلية التكنولوجيا والتنمية
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Volume 19 . 2
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