Nutritional quality and sensory properties of cake fortified with pumpkin seed

Abstract: The present study was carried out to produce cakes fortified with pumpkin seed meal PSM which were incorporated into wheat flour (72 % ex.) at substitution levels (5 to 25 %). The nutritional quality of pumpkin seed meal PSM was studied, results indicate that PSM contained considerable amount of protein, fat, ash, crude and total dietary fiber compared to wheat flour (72% ex.).
Also, PSM contained considerable amount of K, Mg, Ca, Na, Mn, Fe and Zn. The total essential amino acids, calculated PER and BV were higher in PSM compared to wheat flour.
Cake were produced from blends of wheat flour substituted with graded levels of PSM (5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 %) and evaluated for nutritional and sensory properties. Up to 10% PSM in the blends produced cake with sensorial and physical properties closer to the control cake (100% wheat flour), followed by cake sample substituted at15%, 20% level with PSM. Meanwhile the cake sample supplemented with 25% PSM recorded the lower scores of sensory evaluation and physical properties. The cake samples supplemented with PSM up to 20% were nutritionally higher in protein, ash, minerals, crude and dietary fiber, total essential amino acids, PER and BV.
In conclusion, pumpkin seed meal represented a useful source of many nutrients essential to humans and could be utilized successfully as nutrient supplements in bakery products.
Publication year 2009
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serial title Egyptian J. Nutr
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