Effect of partial substitution of milk solids with whey protein concentration powder in ?Lebneh?made by ultrafiltration

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the compositional, rheological and organoleptical characteristics of Labneh made by ultrafitration as affected by partial substitution of milk solids with whey protein concentrate powder (WPCP). Labneh based on 26% total solid (TS) and 0.5% NaCl was made from buffaloes' milk retenate concentrated by ultrafitration. The milk solids in the retentate was partially substituted with WPCP at the levels of 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40%. The results indicated that the fat and lactose contents as well as pH values of Labneh decreased with increasing the ratio of WPCP. However, the protein content, ash, titratable acidity (%) increased with increasing the added amount of WPCP. The labneh consistency coefficient and the yield stress were obviously increased as the level of WPCP increased. During cold storage of Labneh, its acidity and diacetyle contents increased up to 21 days, while acetaldehyde content increased up to 7 days of cold storage then decreased thereafter. Organoleptically, the Labneh quality was improved by adding WPCP with all of the examined levels, and remained acceptable during cold storage up to 21 days. Thus. Milk solids in UF buffalo’s milk retentate could be substituted by WPCP at level of 30% in Labneh made with acceptable quality at lower cost.
Keywords: Labneh manufacture, Buffalo’s milk retentate, whey protein concentrate powder, Milk solids not fat substitution
Publication year 2010
Pages 757 -763
Organization Name
serial title J. Food and Dairy Sci., Mansoura Univ
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Publication Type Journal