Abstract: The effect of adding sweetened peach prunes precise pieces at different levels to stirred yoghurt on its quality and keeping quality was evaluated. Yoghurt treatment containing 15% sweetened peach pieces possessed the highest overall acceptability score being 93 points when fresh and 87 points after 21 days of cold storage.
Significant differences were found between control and yoghurt prepared with different concentration of sweetened peach. The increasing amount of peach in yoghurt resulted in a decrease in aynersis values of yoghurt during cold storage, whereas significant increase in the values of a color (redness), total solids, titratable acidity and viscosity were observed. During storage pH, synersis and viscosity values of yoghurt decreased continuously. On the other hand, total bacterial, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophiles were increased in all stirred yoghurt samples during the first 7 days of cold storage then started to decrease up to the end of storage period being 21 days. The increasing amount of sweetened peach pieces, resulted increasing values regarding total bacterial count as well as yoghurt strains count up to 7 days of cold storage before all the counts moved in descending order. Mold and yeast were not detected for the control sample as well as all peach treatments when fresh or after 7 days of cold storage .
Publication year 2010
Pages 2077-2091
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serial title Minufiya J. Agric. Res.
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    وحيد احمد رجب
Publication Type Journal