Abstract: The Purpose of this study is to produce healthy crackers by using natural sources which have chemo prevents so that types of suggested crackers were prepared by using formula from cereal and aromatic herbs which content 60% whole meal grains naked barley or sorghum with 30% wheat flour 72% ex., 10% corn germ and with adding any of the following aromatic herbs Anise or Cumin or Black cumin, or Thyme to formula at level 3 or 3 or 2 or 1 gm/ 100gm of formula, respectively. And the produce crackers were evaluated chemically, organolyptically, microbiologically and economically. The results cleared that all samples of supplemented cracker with different sources of cereals and aromatic herbs had the highest value of protein (12.26-12.78%), fat (9.78-11.09%), ash (3.67-4.79%), crude fiber (0.66-2.32%), also its highest of minerals contents as iron (2.22-4.99 mg/100g), manganese (0.54-0.96 mg/100g), calcium (31.10-197.43 mg/100g), zinc (1.18-2.97 mg/100g) and magnesium (58.5-75.83 mg/100g) compared with un-supplemented wheat crackers (control) which recorded protein 11.01%, fat 9.57%, ash 3.14%, crude fiber 0.32% and its contents of minerals as iron, manganese, calcium, zinc and magnesium (1.9- 0.47- 30.3- 0.79 and 41.27 mg/100g ,respectively), while all samples of supplemented cracker had lowest value of total carbohydrate (69.28-73.49 %), and total energy (425.33- 431.58, compared with un-supplemented wheat crackers which had total carbohydrate 75.96% and total energy 434.01 And all produced crackers had acceptance (v. good or good). And by doing storage teats for produced crackers at 20 ± 4 °C in sealed poly propylene bags as economic backing for up to 4 month, the results cleared that all types of supplemented cracker especially that contain aromatic herbs had the Lowest P.V and its contains of total microbial counts and prolongs the shelf life of crackers, and some treatment of supplemented cracker have lowest in cost economically i.e. sorghum crackers, then sorghum crackers with black cumin, then wheat crackers with corn germ , then barley crackers compared with control sample. And the results showed that 100 gm of crackers supplemented with different sources of cereals flour and aromatic herbs contribute (44.29-45.36%) of the RDA of protein for children, and (21.38-22.03%) for adults. And all values of %RDA for studied nutrient were high in supplemented cracker compared with un-supplemented crackers. So it could be recommended that incorporation of the mentioned cereals and aromatic herbs with wheat flour to obtained healthy bakery products having high biological value especially diabetic and hypercholesterolemia patients..
Publication year 2009
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serial title Ann. Agric. Sci., Mostohor
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