A functional properties of a fermented dairy product

Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate using different ratios of soymilk with skimmed buffaleos' milk retentate, in the manufacture of feremented milk product as a functional food. Fermented milk was made from a mix of skimmed buffaloes' milk retentate containing 0, 20, 30 and 40% soymilk by adding three kinds of juices (orange, red grape and strawberry). The chemical composition, microbiological analysis, microstructure and organoleptic properties were determined. Feremented milk samples and their treatments were stored for 14 days at 4°C. Results ascertained that the total solids, protein and ash decreased with increasing the ratios of soymilk. Whereas, the high decrease was in the samples containing the juice of red grape, orange and strawberry, respectively. During the storage for 14 days at 4°C, these results slightly increased. On the other hand, carbohydrates and pH values decreased with prolonged storage. Whereas, the high decrease in carbohydrates was in the samples containing orange, strawberry and red grape juices respectively, but the pH values were in same condition in orangem red grape and strawberry juices respectively. Data also, the acetaldehyde and diacetyle content decreased with increasing the soymilk ratios. The bifidobacteria decreased with increasing soymilk ratios. Coliform, molds and yeasts were not detected during storage. Higher scor points were gained for the yoghurt by the adition of 20% soymilk and strawberry juice in fresh and after storage.
It could be recommended that the acceptability of fermented milk made by added 20% soymilk to skim buffaloes' milk retentate since it gave a good quality of fermented milk product.
Publication year 2008
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serial title Egypt. J. of Appl. Sci
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    اماني رفعت البيلي معهد بحوث تكنولوجيا الاغذيه
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