Effect modified atmosphere packages on the quality of high nutrient cup cake

Abstract: Wheat flour (72% extractions) and whole meal (Sorghum-Naked barley-Triticale) were used for preparing cap cake the aim was to improve the nutritive value and more healthy of cup cake. Each flour was blended separately at 20% or mix with the two other flours at different levels (2.5-5.0 10.0 and 15%). All blends chemical, physically, sensory, rhelogaical properties and Fouling number of produce cake and its flours were evaluated. All blends were packaged in two packaging material polypropylene (BOPPt) transparent and polypropylene metalized (BOPPm) under ambient air and inert nitrogen gas. These results indicated that the sorghum flour highest protein content 13.73%. the naked barley and triticale flour increase stability time, resistance extension and fouling number while the sorghum flour case decrease of extensibility, resistance extension and dough weakening. The three type flour (Sorghum-Naked barley-Triticale) had decrease of physical properties of cup cake (volume and specific volume) compared with control sample. The result showed that all blends are accepted of sensory evaluation up to 15% of sorghum naked barley and triticale flours. The estimated microbial growth, and also the number of fungi and spore forming bacteria during the period of storage of 6 weeks and pulled samples from the zero time and every two weeks to microbiology evaluation and final results showed that the BOPPm bags are the best in reducing microbial growth as well as the injection nitrogen had a major effect on improving the properties for all blends and reduce the microbial load. The results showed that the microbial growth after 6 weeks of cup cake samples control packaged in transparent BOPPt bags 1000Colony/g and packages Metalize BOPPm 200 Colonies/g. while they reached to 750 and 150 Colonies/g in the blend N1after 6 weeks.
Publication year 2011
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