Identification of Triacylglycerol Composition of Some Olive Oil Cultivars Cultivated in Some Different Areas in Egypt

Abstract: Three important Egyptian olive cultivars (Coratina, Kroneiki and Picual) were collected from
different areas: (Horticulture Res. Inst. Giza, Qassaseen Ismaelia and Khatatba) in Egypt on the middle
of November, 2016. Triacylglycerol (TAG) compositions were studied. As purity parameters,
triacylglycerol composition in the oil samples was determined according to International Olive Council.
All types of oils were characterized by three main TAG: OOO + PLP + PoPP, SOL + POO and OOL +
LnPP and six secondary TAG: SLL+PLO, SOO, POP, OLL, OOLn + PoOL, and POS + SLS.
Furthermore, small amounts (<1.0%) of seven TAG: PLL + PoPoO, PoOP + SpoL + SOLn + SpoPo,
OLLn + PoLL, LLL, PoOO, PLLn and POLn + PpoPO + PpoL were also identified in all analyzed
samples. OOO was the major TAG found in all varieties from all areas, presented a range from 30.32
to 32.90%. Followed by POO triacylglyceride, which presented a range from 26.45 to 28.36%. Then
OOL came in the following representing a range from 12.00 to 13.91%. Results revealed that, there
were significant differences among varieties in our study in terms of TAG contents. Moreover, these
results are in accordance with those found in the fatty acid composition. At the same time significant
differences were clearly found in POO, LLL TAG beside ECN42 values obtained by HPLC analysis.
Publication year 2019
Pages 963-968
Organization Name
serial title Middle East Journal of Applied Sciences
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