Evaluation of Miswak antibacterial activity and its addition on chocolate milk sensory properties

Abstract: The Antibacterial activity of SalvadorapersicaL (Miswak) aqueous extract (SPAE) against somepathogenic bacteria using agar diffusion method was evaluated. Also, the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)and minimum lethal concentration (MLC) were determined. Chocolate milk treatments by adding the appropriateMLC of SPAE for each tested pathogenic bacteria were prepared and evaluated for their sensory properties. Theresults showed that the 400mg/ml of (SPAE) was the most effective against all tested pathogenic bacteria. Thelowest MIC value and MLC value were noticed for E. coli (1.56 mg/ml and 3.12 mg/ml), respectively. The results ofchocolate milk showed that the treatment 4 (Chocolate milk supplemented with 12.5 mg/ml of (SPAE)) recorded thelowest aroma and taste scores. No significant differences among the control, T2 (3.12 mg/ml of SPAE) and T3 (6.25mg/ml of SPAE) as respect to tested sensory properties. Therefore, the SPAE can be used as a natural preservative indairy industry.
Publication year 2018
Pages 72-78
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