Evaluation of date palm pollen (Phoenix dactylifera L.) encapsulation, impact on the nutritional and functional properties of fortified yoghurt

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate Egyptian date palm pollen (DPP) grains composition,
physical and functional potentials in comparing with two forms; 80% ethanol extract, and
nanoencapsulated form. Functional yoghurt fortified with DPP in three forms was prepared
and their physicochemical, microstructure, texture and sensory characteristics were
assessed. The micro morphology was explored via Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).
Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy was employed for functional groups detection.
Phenolic compounds were detected by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
(HPLC) while fatty acids were identified via Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC). Cytotoxicity
of DPP nanocapsules was evaluated against RPE1 cell line (BJ1). The Egyptian date palm
pollen grains evaluation revealed its rich content of protein and carbohydrate (36.28 and
17.14 g/ 100g), high content of Fe, Zn and Mg (226.5, 124.4 and 318 mg/100g), unsaturated
fatty acids ?-3, ?-6 and ?-9 (8.76, 20.26 and 7.11 g/100g, which was increased by ethanol
extraction) and phenolic compounds especially catechin (191.73 ?g/mL) which was pronounced
in DPP antioxidant potentials (IC50 35.54 mg/g). The FTIR analyses indicated the
presence of soluble amides (proteins) and polysaccharides (fibers) functional groups in
DPP. Fortification with nanoencapsulated DPP proved to be safe and the recommended
form due to the announced positive characteristics. Yoghurt fortification with DPP forms
enhanced viscosity, syneresis and Water Holding Capacity (WHC), which can be considered
a symbiotic functional product as it contained both probiotics (106 CFU/g) and prebiotics
represented in DPP forms.
Publication year 2019
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    طارق نور سليمان قسم الألبان ، الصناعات الغذائية وقسم بحوث التغذية ، المركز القومي للبحوث ، القاهرة ، مصر
    أميرة محمد جلال درويش قسم تكنولوجيا الغذاء ، معهد بحوث زراعة الأراضي القاحلة (ALCRI) ، مدينة البحث العلمي والتطبيقات التكنولوجية (SRTA-City) ، برج العرب الجديدة ، الإسكندرية ، مصر
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