Production of Functional Beverages from Whey and Permeate Containing Kumquat Fruit

Abstract: ment, Food Technology Research Institute, A.R.C., Egypt.
Received: 5 March, 2017 Revised: 4 April, 2017 Accepted: 19 April, 2017
The objective of the present study was to utilize whey and permeate as the by-products of the cheese industry
after mixing with kumquat purée and/or paste for producing functional beverages. Physical, chemical, physicochemical,
microbiological and sensory properties of kumquat fruit and its purée and paste were studied. The results indicated
that kumquat purée and paste are good sources of ?-carotene, vitamin C, minerals such as calcium, potassium and
magnesium, total phenolic acids and flavonoids. In addition, they have high antioxidant capacity. Physicochemical,
microbiological and sensory properties of the prepared functional beverages during cold storage periods were
determined. The obtained results indicated that ascorbic acid and ?-carotene of all beverages were higher than those
of whey and permeate only, with a high level of total phenols, flavonoid content and antioxidant activity. Generally,
sensory evaluation of the prepared beverages showed that the addition of purée and paste of kumquat fruit to whey and
permeate increased the overall acceptability of these beverages. Total count was in permissible limit while the coliform
and moulds & yeasts counts were not detected in all beverages during storage at 4±1°C for 28 days. Beverages
containing purée and paste of kumquat fruit could be recommended as new acceptable functional products.
Key words: Whey, permeate, kumquat, purée, paste and functional beverages
Publication year 2017
Pages 41-56
Organization Name
serial title Alex. J. Fd. Sci. & Technol
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Publication Type Journal