Quality aspects for high nutritional value pretzel

Abstract: The present study was carried out to improve the nutritional value of pretzels made from wheat or barely flour by adding chickpea or sweet lupine powder at different percent of replacement. Chemical composition of raw materials indicated that sweet lupine and chickpea powder contained higher amounts of protein, fat and crude fiber (28.45, 26.05% & 7.53, 8.08% & 7.57, 4.86%, respectively) compared with wheat and barley flour. Wheat and barley pretzels replaced by 40 % chickpea powder or 20 % sweet lupine powder indicated significant (P ? 0.05) improvement in different sensory characteristics. Control barley pretzel had higher total essential amino acids content (41.86 g/100 gm protein), followed by barley pretzel replaced by 20% sweet lupine powder (41.25 g/100 gm protein). The protein quality indicated increase of biological value (BV) and protein efficiency ratio (PER) for pretzel replaced wheat or barley flour by chickpea or sweet lupine powder. All pretzel samples replaced wheat or barley flour by chickpea or sweet lupine powder had higher content of minerals than control samples. Barley pretzel samples had higher content of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc compared with wheat pretzel samples. Wheat and barley pretzel samples replaced by chickpea or sweet lupine caused an increase of total phenolic and total flavonoids contents. Antioxidant activity (DPPH%) showed that barley pretzels had the highest antioxidant activity, while wheat pretzels showed the lowest activity
Publication year 2020
Pages 2706-7920
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