some technological studies on pretzel

Abstract: The effect of using different replacements of corn starch (15,20,25 and 30%) spicws (salt, chili, ketchup and cumin ) and dipping solutions (Water,2% citric acid ,2% sodium hydroxide, 2% sodium carbonate and 2% Egg white ) on the quality characteristics during the processing of one the bakery products named pretzel was studied . Results showed that adding of 75% wheat flour + 25% com starch in pretzel formula improved sensory characteristics of the produced pretzelwhere it decreased dough stability and increased dough weakening . Regarding adding of spices to pretzel produced from 75% wheat flour+ 25% corn starch, chili gave the highest acceptability. Pretzel made frome 75% wheat flour+ 255 corn starch dipped in 2% sodium hydroxide solution gave product with superior sensory characteristics as compared with other dipping solutions at the same concentration.
Publication year 2009
Pages 7411-7416
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City Mansoura
serial title J .Agric .Sci.Mansoura Univ
ISSN 1110-0346
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