Performance of brown and white rice in making glutin free bread.

Abstract: The present study was conducted to prepare a gluten free bread whose staple for celiac disease patients.Bread formulated by mixing egg albumin with pregelatinized rice flour,pregelatinized corn flour and corn flour.A rotatable central-composite desing consisting of two variables ,i.e., brown rice and white rice, at four levels(40,50,60and70%). this design was used to develop models for the different sensory responses. Responseswere affected most by changes in brown and white rice percent. individual contour plots of the different responess were superimposed,and regions meeting the maximum number of bread sensory attributes wereidentified. Adding white rice(70%)and brown ricw(40%)to bread formula imporved sensory bread properties. pannel test of the supplemented bread e.g., general appearance,separation of layers, roundness,disribution, color, odor and taste, in bread samples were evaluated.
Publication year 2003
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City الجيزه
serial title Agricultural research center
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