Bioavailability of different non extruded and extruded cereal brans.

Abstract: this study was carried out to examine the effect of raw and extruded rice,naked barley,wheat and corn brans on lipids and cholesterol metabolism and evaluate these brans for the possible enhancement of their cholesterol-lowering potentials.
Ash and crude fiber of extruded rice bran,protin of extruded wheat bran,oil of rice bran and total dietary fiber of corn bran were in the highest percentage as compared to the other bran.
All rats significantly increased in their weights,but the maximum increase was found in rats fed on normal diet.the rats fed on raw and extruded rice and naked barley brans can grow in high rates,this resulting in the highest body weight gain.daily body weight, feed intake,feed efficiency and feed efficiency percentage had the same trend.
Extruded rice and naked barley brans decreased the total cholesterol of rats blood serum.low-density lipoprotein.
Publication year 2004
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serial title Egypian j. of nutrition
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