Quality of cookies as affected by dough time, corn meal ddition and microwave heating after conventional baking

Abstract: The present investigation was carried out to study the influence og dough mixing time, corn meal addition at 10 , 20 and 30% and the association of conventional and microwave heating process on quality of cookies. The addition of different levels of corn meal to wheat flour (72% extraction rate)increased ash and oil percentages and falling number. Thickness of cookie significantaly increased with increasing the rate of corn meal till 20% and then it decreased with more of addition of corn meal. Diameter and spread ration increased with increasing corm meal addition. Thickness and diameter decreased while spread ratio increased with increased and diameter decreased with increasing microwave power treatments. Adding corn meal to cookies formula improved sensory properties of cookies till 20% addition. Mixing time (3 min) and high power of microwave treatment gave cookies with the highest scores as compared with other treatments.
Publication year 2004
Pages 763-779
Organization Name
serial title Egypt. J. Agric. Res.
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Publication Type Journal