technologiaical evaluation of some italian and egyptian durum wheat varieties.

Abstract: This research was carried out to determine the quantiative and technological qualitative characteristics of 6 italian durum weat varieties(clavio, portofino, qvadrato, cicco, and lesira) and 3 egyption durum wheat varieties (sohage-2, Beni sweif-1 and beni-sweif-3) planted during tow successive seasons at Kafr-El-Hamam (El-Sharkia Governorate) and El-nobaria (El-Bohira Governorate)experimental station,Agricultural research center (ARC), eGYPT. RESULTS OF THIS RESERCH CAN be summarized as follows:
Publication year 2009
Pages 1110-1571
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City Cairo
serial title Egypt.J.of Appl.Sci.
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Publication Type Journal