The qualities of some bakery products fortified with papaya and soy flour.

Abstract: Qualities of cakes and pies fortified with papaya products and low-fat soy flour(LFS)were evaluated.fresh papaya puree(pp)was added to cakes while dried pieces of papaya(DPP)were added to pies as fillers.cakes and pies also partially substituted with 5,10,15and 20%levels of low fat soy flour(LFS).chemical,physical and sensory evaluations of different samples were studied.fortification and supplementation with papaya products as well as low fat soy flour(LFS)increased the beta-carotene,protein,minerals and fiber content compared to the control.physical properties and hunter colour parameters were changed as the lsf levels increased.evaluation of sensory characteristics of cakes and pies fortified with papaya and lsf showed greater preference up to15 percentage lfs.
Publication year 2004
Pages 311-326
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serial title Egypt .j.agric.res.,
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Publication Type Journal