Effect of wheat storage under environmental conditions on flour and pan bread quality.

Abstract: four types of wheat(two local and two imported)were used to study the effect of wheat storage under environmental condition for six months at 19 to 30c and 60-73% relative humidity.the chemical composition of the wheat stored grains and rheological properties of theri flour(72%extraction)were determind.the effects of storage on physical and sensory characteristics of pan bread were studied.the obtained results indicated that no significant changes were observed in the chemical composition of the stored grains.the same trend was observed for the rheological properties of their flour(72% extraction)which obtained from the wheat types under study.sensory evaluation of the pan bread produced from the studied wheat types showed a slight variation trend.these results revealed that storage of the wheat under suitable conditions maintain the quality of the grain and substantially the quality of the resulted flour and pan bread.
from the obvious results it may be recommended that the wheat from barn maryotea was high quality during storage period up to six months followed by wheat brought from el-shafatat barn.wheat was lower quality during storage beriod.
Publication year 2013
Pages 1-11
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    محمد سعيد زايد قسم الاقتصاديه الزراعيه-كليه الزراعه-جامعه عين شمس
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