Prparation and evaleation healthy filling pie by using cheese and some vegetables.

Abstract: This study aims to prepare healthy pies to reduce malnutrition diseases such as anemia and osteoporosis which lead to human inability to work and production .wheat flour 72%extraction which used in the preparation of pies was supplemented with wheat germ 10% and ground white kidney beans 5% in addition of using fresh green leafy vegetables i.e. celery,dill weed,parsley,coriander and leek or green bell pepper which are separately mixed with kareish cheese by(1 vegetables:2 kareish)as a filler material.the produced pies was evaluated (organolyptically,chemically,economically and microbiologically).the organoleptic evaluation showed that all of the produced supplemented and filling pies had the highest in sensory acceptance.the results of chemical analysis indicated that all types of supplemented and filling pies had the highest value of protien,fat,ash,crude fiber.also they were the highest in minerals contents (i.e., iron,manganese,calcium,zinc, mangnesium and potassium), vitamins contents(i.e.,a,e,d,b2,b6,b9andb12) and essential amino acids compared with control (unsupplemented pie).alltypes of supplemented and filling pies allowances for studied previous nutrient for children and adults.and the increasing rate of cost ranges between 21.19 to 28.47%the microbiological evaluation showed that all of the produced pies free of pathogenic bacterial and it could be recommended to incorporate the investigated nutritional sources in bakery products to obtain healthy products having high biological value.

Publication year 2013
Pages 43-66
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serial title EGYPT.J.AGRIC.RES.,
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