"Variability, Genetic Components and Selection Response in Segregating Generations among Some Cotton Crosses "

Abstract: "tHE SUCCESSFUL breeding program depends on genetic variability response to selection, heritability and genetic advance. The present investigation aimed to estimate
these components in two intra-specific cotton crosses (Giza 92 x Giza 87 and Giza 96 x Giza
87) during early segregating generation. Most of the studied traits showed high broad sense heritability coupled with low or moderate genetic advance as percent of mean in F generation. So, these traits controlled by non-additive gene action. The analysis of variances for F families
showed highly significant differences between F

families and variance within F was lower
than among families for all the studied traits over the two crosses. All F families had low intra- class correlation values over the two crosses, so selection between families is better than within families. The additive genetic variance was larger than dominance variance for all the studied traits except for seed cotton yield / plant and lint %, also, these traits showed partial degree of dominance for cross I. While, cross II has higher values of dominance genetic variance than additive variance for all traits except for boll weight and fiber length, so that showed overdominance. Selection differential and response to selection were found to be positive for all traits during F and F . The probability of new recombinant lines falling outside parental range
2 3
was higher in cross I than cross II for all traits except for boll weight and fiber length. The study
reveals that judicious selection leads to improvement in next generation.
Publication year 2021
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