MapReduce:State-of-the-Art and Research Directions

Abstract: Digital data that come from different applications
such as, wireless sensor, bioinformatics next generation
sequencing, and high throughput instruments are growing in
high rate. Dealing with demands of analysis of ever-growing
data requires new techniques in software, hardware, and
algorithms. MapReduce is a programming model initiated by
Google’s Team for processing huge datasets in
systems; it helps programmers to write programs that process
big data. The aim of this paper is to investigate MapReduce
research trends, and current research efforts for enhancing
MapReduce performance and capabilities. This Study
concluded that the research directions of MapReduce
concerned with either enhancing MapReduce programming
model or adopting MapReduce for deploying existing algorithm
to run with MapReduce programming model.
Publication year 2013
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City Dubai
serial title 2013 2nd International Conference on Computer Technology and Science (ICCTS 2014)
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    Mohamed E. El-Sharkawi Faculty of Computers and information , Cairo University
    Osama Ismail Faculty of Computers and information , Cairo University
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Computer software. Models.
Proposed Agrovoc big data;
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