Effect of Bunch Covering and Biological Control on Insects and Microbial Load of Date Palm Fruits

Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of bunch covering and biological control on safety from insects and microbes of two date palm cultivars grown in Egypt, Siwi date (semi dry cv.) in two zones (El-Dakhla and Bahariya Oasis) and Bartamoda (dry cv.) in Aswan governorate during two successive seasons 2020 and 2021. The results found that insect pests such as Parlatoria blanchardii, Carpophilus sp., Oryzaephilus surinamensis and Ephestia calidella in semi-dry and dry dates without bunch cover and biological control comparing other treatments. Results indicated that bunch covering of date fruits at the suitable time and biological control with Trichogramma sp. cards were reduced number of insects, symptoms, and microbial loads of date fruits higher than that other ones. Insect infestation percentages were ranged from (9.85) to (18.82 %) of Sewi semi dry dates. while, (7.8 and 9.5 %) of Bartamoda dry dates with control. while, the treated bunch covering and biological control were reduced less than (3.11 %) of semi dry dates and less than 2.88% of dry dates, respectively. Also, results indicated that using Trichogramma sp. cards in sawmill reduced infestation percentages and microbial loads compared with control.
Publication year 2022
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