A comparison study for the effect of Machete , Saturn & Ronstar herbicides on direct seeded rice & associated weeds under saline & clay soil conditions.

Abstract: Four field experiments were conducted in El – Gimmeza and El-Serw Stations during 1993 and 1994 seasons to study the performance of Machete 60% EC (1.0 l/fed.) ; Saturn 50% EC (1+1 l/fed.) and Ronstar 25 % EC (0.4+0.4 l/fed.) applied before either with rice seeds soaked in water for only 2 days or rice seeds soaked for 2 days and then incubated for another 2 days to find a suitable and beneficial measures coupled with safety for weed control in direct seeded rice firlds. Results revealed that Echinochloa crusgalli and Cyperus difformis were very susceptible to Machete , Saturn and Ronstar meanwhile, Ammanta auriculata was only susceptible to Ronstar. Machete caused significant severe reduction in rice stand especially with rice seeds soaked in water and incubated for 2 days, meanwhile Saturn (1+1 l/fed.) or Ronstar at (400+400 cm/fed.) were safe for rice plants. Concerning the effect on rice yield both grain yield/fed. and number of panicles/m2 were higher with Saturn 50 % and followed by Ronstar 25 % either in saline or clay soil conditions. Thus, both Saturn or Ronstar can be recommended for weed control in direct seeded rice either under saline or fertile soil conditions.

Publication year 1995
Pages 239-251
Availability location 9 ش الجامعة-مركز البحوث الزراعية-الجيزة.
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serial title Egypt. J. Appl. Sci. ,10 (8) , 239 – 251.
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    لطفي احمد المشد المعمل المركزي لبحوث الحشائش مركز البحوث الزراعية
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