Manual for identifying forgeen seeds of imported plant materials

Abstract: Seeds:
Mature seeds are usually not yet present on a plant that bears the flowers necessary for identification. However, in some genera like Mentzelia and Epilobium seed characters may actually be used as categories in the key. In such cases seeds may be obtained from more mature individuals or even from fruits of the pereding year. The various seed Testing Laboratories have developed a technique whereby they can identify the seeds and small fruits of common weeds when they come in as contaminate in crop seeds, but, here the actual possibilities are limited of course. Many different kinds of seed are sold to farmers and homeowners each year. So, most be assured of getting correct of seed, it is important to be able to identify the seed needed. Also, if a mixure of seed is present, it is important to be able to determine if weed seed are mixure. Some seeds of these weeds are poisonous to human and animals. Seeds have different characteristics, some seeds are long, short, flat, round or three cornered while others are smooth or rough and seed weeds have solid color, two-toned or multi-colored
Publication year 2015
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Identification. Introduced breeds. Manual operation.
Proposed Agrovoc forgeen;imported plant materials;
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