Efface of Plant Density and Climatic Conditions on Some Chinese cabbage Cultivars

Abstract: Two experiments were conducted to find out the effect of 2cultivars, 3
densities and 7 planting dates on the growth and yield of Chinese cabbage
in the field of EL-Bossaily Protected Cultivation Unit, EL-Bahaira
Governorate, Egypt in 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 seasons. The cultivars
Chinese Express and Tropical Delight were each raised from 7 sowing
dates (5, 20 July; 5, 20 August; 5, 20 September and 5 October) and
planted in the field on 10, 25 August; 10, 25 September; 10, 25 October
and 15 November, respectively. Three different planting densities were
compared for each cultivar, which were 20000 (70×30 cm2), 15000
(70×40 cm2) and 12000 (70×50 cm2) plants/Feddan. Plant population had
a significant effect on marketable yield. Head weight decreased as plant
population increased. The most suitable density for this crop was 20000
plants/Feddan. This density led to increase the marketable yield and
decrease the percentage of unmarketable heads. The influence of the
planting date on yield was mainly related to the duration of the growing
period. However, under the condition of our experiments September 10th,
25th and October 10th and 25th were the most appropriate dates for
planting Chinese cabbage. Planting in these dates increased the length,
width, weight and yield and gave rise to minimum values of total defects..
There was a significant interaction between variety, plant density and
planting date. The most satisfactory result was observed on China
Express at spacing of 70×30 cm2 and planting date of September 25th
which gave the highest marketable yield, while the lowest value was
obtained on Tropical Delight spaced at 70×50 cm2 and planted in
November 15th.
Publication year 2005
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