Extending the Shelf-Life of Sweet Corn by Shrink-Wrapping and Refrigeration

Abstract: Sweet corn is one of the most perishable vegetables, as it has a
very high respiration rate, thus, minimum safe low temperature (0oC) and
high relative humidity control are essential to maximum shelf-life and to
minimize quality loss. In addition, film wraps can be beneficial in
maintains high relative humidity and extending the storage life.
The present investigation is undertaken to study the effect of
shrink-wrapping and refrigeration (0oC and 90± 5%RH) on quality
changes of sweet corn ears during storage. Quality changes of sweet corn
were monitored during storage at 0OC, unwrapped or wrapped in shrink
Film. Film wrapping maintained freshness, reduced weight loss and
decay better than lack of unwrapping. Wrapping in shrink film resulted in
lower O2 and higher Co2 concentrations within packages. Wrapping in
shrink film maintained total soluble solids and total sugars than
Publication year 2005
Pages 188-199
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