Studies on the irrigation of broccoli plants (Brassica oleracea var. italica).

Abstract: The experiments were carried out during 2001/2002 and 2002/2003 seasons, at
AL- Bousialy site, Behiera governorate, on broccoli plants Decathlon hybrid F1. This
work aimed to study the effect of three water regimes (high, medium and low
irrigation levels using class A pan evaporation) on vegetative growth, early and total
yield. The high irrigation level (120 % class A pan) gave the highest plant height,
number of leaves per plant, stem diameter, fresh and dry weights of plants. The lowest
values were recorded with low irrigation level (80 % class A pan). High and medium
(100 % class A pan) irrigation levels resulted in the highest total yield as well as water
use efficiency. Total chlorophyll content, ascorbic acid and TSS contents in main
head were not affected by different irrigation levels. Crop coefficient (Kc) was
calculated using volumetric lysimeters during different growth stages to be involved
under the same experimental conditions.
Key words: Broccoli, Irrigation regimes, Class A pan, Crop coefficient
(Kc), Water use efficiency, Lysimeters.
Publication year 2006
Pages 265-275
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    ابراهيم ابراهيم العكش كلية الزراعة جامعة عين شمس
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