An introduction to Sakha 94, the new bread wheat cultivar

Abstract: The new bread wheat cultivar Sakha 94 has been selected from one of the advanced lines among CIMMYT collections grown in wheat breeding program at Sakha Research Station. The grain yield of the new cultivar Sakha 94 was evaluated through 78 experiments conducted at three different levels; (9 micro– 29 macro and 40 verification – yield trials) in 2000/2001, 2001/2002 and 2003/2004 seasons, respectively.
The obtained results proved the superiority of the new cultivar Sakha 94 as compared with the local commercial checks; Sakha 61, Sakha 69, Sids 1 and Giza 168 in the old land at El-Delta and Middle Egypt and in the new land of El-Nubaria, North Sinai, El-Suez and El-Ismailia.
Moreover, the new cultivar, Sakha 94 expressed its high resistance to the three wheat rusts (stripe, leaf and stem) at both seedling and adult stages. Therefore, Sakha 94 is highly recommended for El-Delta, Middle Egypt and the new lands.
Publication year 2005
Pages 91-101
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