diallel crosses analysis for yield and its components in bread eheat

Abstract: A half diallel cross among seven bread wheat genotypes (Parents) namely were evaluated for yield and its components as well as some other agronomic characters in the f1 and f2 generations. Genotypes mean squares were significant for all studied characters in the F1 and F2, except plant height and 1000-ke3rnel weight in f1 and spike length, 1000-kernel and grain yield in F2. Both general and specific combining ability (GVA and SCA). Were significant for all studied characters in the F1 and F2. except SCY for plant height in F1 and spike length in F1 and F2. These results indicate the importance of both additive and dominance genetic variance in the inheritance of most characters. Though most of estimates of not GCA/SCA exceeded unty, most of than was not significant to show the probability of equal importance of both addition and non- addition gene action. Moreover, the parents p4 (R.C.B 122) and P5 (R.C.B70) were the best combiners for grain yield in f1 and f2 but p6 (Germiza 7) in F1 only. Meanwhile , significant SCA effects for grain yield were found in the crosses between ( P1 x P3) , ( P1 x P7) , ( P2 x P4), ( P2 x P6) , ( P3 x P4) , ( P4 x P7) , ( P5 x P6) an ( P5 x P7) in the F2 and ( P1 x P3) , ( P2 x P3) , ( P3 x P7) , (P4 x P5) , (P4 x P5 ) , and ( P5 x P7) , in the F2 . The additive variance effects were significant for all studied characters except for 1000 kernel weight , grain yield and total plant weight in the F1, being significant for most characters in the F2 . Over dominance effects of heterozygous loci were significant for most studied characters in the F1 and F2 Values of ( H2/4H1) analysis being less than 0.25 indicated asymmetric distribution of positive and negative alleles among parents for all characters in the F1 and F2 . On the other hand narrow sense heritability was low for some characters, indicating the importance non-additive genetic effects.
Publication year 2005
Pages 5725-5738
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serial title J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ
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Bread. Diallel analysis.
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