heterosis , gene effect , heritability and gentic advance in bread wheat

Abstract: Two crosses of bread wheat ( Gemmeiza x Giza 164) and (RCB 70 x Giza 160), and their six populations ( P1 , P2 , F1, F2 , BC1 and BC2) were tested for grain yield, some of yield components and some growth attributes. Significant positive heterotic effects were detected for all studied traits. Overdominance towards , the higher parent was found for plant height, and number of spikes/ plant in both crosses ; grain yield in the first cross and spike length, number of kermels / spike and 1000-kernal weight in the second cross. S significant positive values of inbreeding depression were detected for all studied characters. Significant epistemic effects, i.e., E1 and E2 were detected for most studied traits. Additive gene effects were significant in all traits. Dominance type of gene action was found to be significant fr all traits, except for plant height and grain yield in the both crosses. Additive x additive x dominance and dominance x dominance types of gene effects were significant for most traits. Heritability estimates in bored sense were high to moderate in magnitude with values between 52.14 % ( for 1000-kernel weight ) to 88.24 % ( for plant height ) . However , heritability estimates in narrow sense, were high to low in magnitude with values between 27.46% ( for number of spikes / plant) to 79% ( for no. of kernels / spike ) in the second cross. The predicated genetic advance from selection was rather moderate for number of spikes / plant , number of kermels/ spike and 1000-kernel weight in both crosses ; spike length and grain yield in the second cross, but low for the remaining traits . These results indicated that Gemmeiza 3 x Giza 164 cross was superior to the second cross in grain yield and its components .
Publication year 2003
Pages 433-444
Availability location معهد بحوث المحاصيل الحقلية- 9شارع الجامعة- الجيزة
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serial title Minufiya J. Agric. Res. Vol. 28 No.2 : 435 – 444 (2006)
ISSN 1110-0265
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Genes. Heterosis. Soft wheat.
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