A Comparison between Three Land Preparation And Sowing Systems For Flax Production Research No. 6.

Abstract: The present study was carried out at research farm of Rice Mechanization Center, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate during the two successive growing seasons of 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 to study the effect of land preparation systems and sowing methods on seed and straw yield of two different genotypes flax varieties (Sakha 1 and .Sakha3). Land preparation systems were used, conventional system: Chisel plow (twice) + Mechanical scraper (twice), Moderate system: Chisel plow (twice) + Disk harrow (twice) + Mechanical scraper and Advanced system: Chisel plow (twice) + Rotary plow (once) + Laser scraper. The sowing methods were Manual broadcasting, Mechanical broadcaster and Developed mechanical broadcaster. The results can be summarized as follows:
1. The highest values of germination ratio (90.97 and 90.25 %) and the lowest values of coefficient of variance (12.3 and 13.6 %) were obtained at advanced land preparation system for Sakha 1 and .Sakha 3, respectively. While, the sowing methods have no significant effect on germination
2. The Maximum yield of straw (4.71 and 4.52 ton/fed) and seeds (575 and 421 kg/Fed) were obtained by using advanced system and modified broadcaster for Sakha 1 and .Sakha 3 respectively.
3. Using advanced land preparation system saving about 10.89 and 5.75% in energy requirement compared with conventional and moderate systems, respectively.
4. The net profit of flax seed and straw yields was increased by (61.31 and 77.49%) and by (22.82 and 35.68%) due to using advanced land preparation system instead of conventional system and moderate system with developed broadcaster for Sakha 1 and Sakha 3, respectively.

Publication year 2007
Pages 6355-6369
Availability location معهد بحوث المحاصيل الحقلية - مركز البحوث الزراعية - ش الجامعه – الجيزة
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serial title J. Agric. Sci. Mansoura Univ. 32(8): 6355-6369 (2007)
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Land. Production. Sowing.
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