Heritabilities , repeatabilites and permanent environmental effects for maternal traits in baladi red and new zealand white rabbits

Abstract: An experiment was carried out to evaluate genetically maternal performance traits in Baladi Red and New Zealand White rabbits in terms of number born alive (NBA), litter size at birth (LSB), 21 day (LS2I) and weaning (LSW), IiLter weight at birth (LWB), 21 day (LW21) and weaning (LWW), mean bunny litter weight at birth (MBB), 21 day (MB21) and at weaning (MBW), gain in liller from birth to 21 day (LG21) and from birth to weaning (LGW). Records of 352 lillers from III docs fathered by 16 sires and mothered by 47 dams in 13aladi Red and 365 litters from 121 does fathered by 17 sires and mothered by 42 dams in New Zealand White were used in snch evaluation. Data were analyzed for each breed separately using single-trait animal model to estimate heritabilities, repeatabilitics, and permanent environmcntal effects.
Maternal performance traits tend 10 be lowly or moderately heritable and repeatable. Heritabilities for these traits in Baladi Red were slightly higher than those in New Zealand White. Heritability (or repeatability) estimates in Baladi Red rabbits for NBA, LSB, LS21, LSW. LWB, LW21, LWW, MBB, MB21.MBW, LG21 and LGW Were 0.09 (0.12), 0.08(0.09). 0.16(0.18). 0.16 (0.20). 0.13 (0.17), 0.20 (0.29) ,0.22 (0.30), 0.09 (0.13), 0.10(0.18), 0.11(0.17), 0.10 (0.18) and 0.12 (0.21), respectively. The respective estimates in New Zealand Whit rabbits were 0.07(0.13),0.06 (0.10),0.10 (0.19), 0.16 (0.24), 0.11 (0.19), 0.17(0.31), 0.20(0.32),0.07(0.15),0.08(0.21). 0.09(0.21), 0.05(0.15) and 0.10(0.19). Ratios of permanent environmental effects for maternal performance traits in Baladi Red rabbits were slightly lower than in New Zealand White. These ratios were low and ranging from 0.01 to 0.09) in baladi Red rabbits and from 0.04 to 0. 13 in New Zealand White. Standard errors associated with ratios of heritability, permanent environmental effect and error variances were mostly resonable.
Keywords: (Rabbits, matternal performance traits, animal model, heritability, repeatability, permanent environmental effects)
Publication year 2003
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    محمود مغربى عراقى جامعة بنها
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Animal models. Environmental management. Heritability. Maternal behaviour. Rabbits.
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