Assessment of factors influencing productive and reproductive performance of Egyptian buffaloes

Abstract: A total of 3042 milk records of 572 Egyptian buffaloes belonging to five different farms belonging to Animal Production Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt, over a period of 18 years. Records were analyzed to evaluate the impact of age at first calving (AFC), calving status(CS), season of calving(S), farm(F) and parity(P) on the productive (TMY, LP and DP) and reproductive (CI and DO) traits of Egyptian buffaloes. Data of AFC were classified into five categories of age being, <24, >24-36, >36-48, >48-60 an4 >60 months. Meanwhile, data of CS were classified into six groups according to calving difficulties and milk production. Data were analyzed by the Least Squares and Maximum Liklihood Program (Harvey, 1990). The results indicate that AFC had a significant effect on both productive and reproductive traits except CL The effect of CS on productive traits was highly significant, while insignificant on the reproductive traits. Normal calving showed the highest values of TMY, LP and the lowest ones of DP. In contrast, aborted buffaloes showed the opposite trend. Milking process decreased both CI and DO ill normal and aborted calving, whereas the opposite trend was observed in stillbirths cases. Season of calving had highly significant effect only on CI, DO and LP. On the other hand, the effect of farm on CI was not significant. The effects of parity and year were highly significant on all traits.
Key words: Buffalo, productive and reproductive traits.
Publication year 2005
Pages 397-407
Availability location معهد بحوث الانتاج الحيوانى- شارع نادى الصيد - الدقى - الجيزة
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serial title Animal Production Research Institute Second Conference & Regional Symposium on Buffalo Production 27-29 September 2005 Sakha, Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt.
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    جمال عاشور حسن جامعة القاهرة
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Production. Reproduction. Water buffaloes.
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