Body and transverse chest length measures of Baladi black rabbits on account of crossing with New Zealand white rabbits

Abstract: A total of 613 F1 straight-bred (346) and cross-bred (277) weanling rabbits. Produced from breads one exotic, New-Zealand White (NZW) and the other is the local. Baladi-Black (BB) breed as well as their two reciprocal crosses. The study aimed at the evaluation of the crossbreeding effects (i.e. Additive Direct and Maternal) and heterotic effect of biweekly progeny body (BL) and transverse chest (CL) length measures from (weaning) at 6 weeks through 12 weeks of age, as well as the estimation of the non-genetic factors affecting these measures. Average regressions of BL and CL on their age respective body weight (BW) were significant at all ages considered. as well as partial regressions within MG on BW at 8 and 12 weeks for BL. However. Average regressions of BL and CL on litter size at birth (LSB) at 12 wk of age for BL measures. in addition partial regressions within .MG on 1SB at 6 wk of age for BL Values of direct heterosis (H1) were generally positive for BL and CL measure. Direct additive effect of NZW on BL and CL at most ages studied were negative in favor BB for BL measure, Maternal additive effects (G') for BL measure were positive at all considered ages and significant at 8 and 12 wk of age. while the trend of superiority was not defined for CL .
Key Words: Rabbit crossing, body length. transverse chest length, direct and maternal additive effect.
Publication year 2004
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    احمد محمود عبد الغنى جامعة قناة السويس
    اشرف عبد الرحمن امين جامعة قناة السويس
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Proposed Agrovoc Rabbit crossing;body length;transverse chest length;maternal additive effect;direct additive effect;
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