Enhancing market value of ice cream by adding natural source of antioxidants

Abstract: The demand for functional foods is increasing rapidly allover the world due to the increased awareness of the consumers on the impact of food on health. One of the important categories of functional foods, fortified food, which can be considered functional foods provided that essential nutrient are added into ordinary foods for health benefits over or over their normal nutritional values. Ice cream fortified with natural antioxidants (β-carotene) play an important role in this trend. p-carotene is a powerful antioxidants linked to the prevention of several types of cancer, and protection against other diseases as well as some degenerative aspects of aging.
Ice cream was made by using 20% from mandarin blends or papaya or papaya mixed with mandarin blends as source of β-carotene. Mandarin blends were prepared by replacing 25,35,50 of juice with equal percentage (w/w) of peel.
Specific gravity, weight per gallon, viscosity and titratable acidity of prepared ice cream mixes, also, overrun, melting resistance, fiber, ash, mineral, β-carotene and vitamins A and C were determined and Organoleptic properties of the obtained ice cream were evaluated. Ice cream fortified with antioxidants can be considered as a good source of β-carotene, fiber and minerals. Organoleptic properties showed that these functional ice cream were preferable than control. Mandarin ice cream characterized with high excellent odor and sprightly flavor and yellow golden colour. While, papaya ice cream characterized with smooth texture, good flavor and yellow colour. It recommended to serve mandarin blends and papaya as natural colorants, flavorings and natural antioxidants and is used as functional food ingredients that would improve nutritive and health values of the resultant products.
Key words: Ice cream, antioxidants, β-carotene, mandarin blends, papaya
Publication year 2007
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Antioxidants. Icecream. Mandarins. Markets. Natural resources. Papayas. Plant resources.
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