Liver and kidney function under different stressfull factors for domestic chicks

Abstract: The present study was planned in the department. of animal production, faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig Univetsity, Zagazig. The practical work was conducted in hatchary of Mansoura poultry Company, the histological, teratological and histopathological parts were done in Faculty of Vetrinary, Zagazig University, Zagazig.
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Actellic (Pirimiphos Methyl) on liver and kidney of developing chick. The study included two experiments the first was designed to study the effect of Actellic on some morphological and histological changes ic chicken embryous. The scound was planned to study some hematological and histological changes in broilers The results obtained can be summarized as follow.
Experment 1:
The effects of Actellic injection in air sac on :
a) Morphological changes in the embryos at 20 days of incubation.
1- Injection with 1Mg Actellic/egg caused slightly odematus of head and neck, enlargement of the abdomenal cavity moreover the wings, the legs are abnonnaly short and the legs tended to the back.
2- Injection with 2 Mg Actellic /egg caused weakness or absence of feathring and the abnonnality of the wings, the legs became severly curved to the back.
3- Injection with 3 Mg Actellic /egg caused markedly curved toes, more weakness or feathering and the embryo became bigger in size.
b) Embryo teratology:
1- Chick embryos injected with 1Mg Actellic show absence of carpus bones and bones of phalanges are incomplete, absence of pygostyle, curved bone of tibia, fibula and metatarsus.
2- Injection with 2Mg legg led to highly curved tibia and fibula in both sides. However, the chick embryos contains 5 digits per two digits tend to backward.
3- Chick embryos injected with Actellic at level of 3 Mg /Egg had slightly curved femur, highly curved tibia and fibula.
c) Histological changes of kidney and liver:
1- Kidney:
Kidney of treated chick embryos with Actellic show degenerative changes in renal epithelum with eosmophilic infilltration. The increase of Actellic doses cause abundance diffuse haemorrhage.
2- Liver:
Liver of treated chick embryo with Acetllic show leukocytic aggregation in the portal area, slight coagulation necrosis with focal leucocytic aggregation.
Experimental 2:
The effects of different oral doses of Actellic given to broilers on: -
A-Blood parameters: -
1- The highest value of R.B.Cs (4450000) was recorded with 1/10 LD 50 while the lowest value (2950000) was recorded with 1/4 LD50.
2- The hematocrite percent varied according to Actellic levels with the higest value by using 1/10 and the lowest value with 1/4 LD50.
3- The lowest value of hemoglobin was obtained with 1/4 LD50 (9.2 gm) while the highest value was recorded with 1/10 LD50 (13.8 gm).
4- pH was not affected by different levels of Actellic.
5- The Glucose level decreased with levels of 1/4 LD 50 and 1/20 LD50 but increased with 1/10 LD50.
6- The low value of S.G.P.T. was recorded under the 1/20; LD50 (4
μ/1) while the high value was obtained with 1/10 LD50 (gμ/1).
7 - The differences were not significant between effects of control and 1/10 LD50 while the values obtained with 1/4 LD50, 1/20 LD50 and control differed significantly.
8- Total protein increased by a decrease in Actellic level from1/4 LD 50 (1.09 g/dl) to 1/20 LD 50 (1.27 g/dl).
9- The lowest value of Albumin was recorded with 1/4 LD50 (0.62 g/dl) and the highest value was obtained with 1/20 LD50 (l.21 g/dl).
10- 1/20 LD50 treatment resulted in low level of globulin (0.06/dl)
11- The levels of Alkaline phosphatase were affected by Actellic level where, the highest value was abtained with 1/10 LD50 the lowest value with 1/20.
12- Total bilirubin differe with the various treatments. The lowest total bilirubin was obtained with 1/10 LD50 while the highest value with was obtained 1/4 LD 50.
13- The 1/4 LD50 and 1/20 LD 50 significantly increased createnin level from 0.5 mg/dl of the control to 1.6 and 2mg/dl, while 1/10 LD50 had significantly lower value than the latter (0.1).
B- Broi1er liver and kidney histology
1- Liver:
Liver of dosed chick showed coagulative necrosis of the hepatocytes with infiltration or macrophages, hyperplasia of lining epithelial cell of the bile duct, and thickening of its wall and blood vessel wall. With increase of Actellic 1eve1 in the liver of chicken showed focal necrosis infiltrated with macrophages and lymphocytes.
2- Kidney:
Kidney histological status showed multiple focal intersritial haemorrhage and focal aggregation of macrophages and lymphocyts in between renal tubules with increasing level of Actellic hydropic degeneration of renal epithelium was occured in kidney.
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