Nutraceutical milk permeate mixed drink

Abstract: A great interest has recently been focused on nutraceutical food.
Therefore, this study was carried out to produce nutraceutical permeate drink juice with high nutritive value and as a source of natural antioxidants. Peel and pulp wastes from mandarin, pulp of pumpkin and papaya were dried in air-circulated oven. Then mixed with blended fruit juice and used for preparing the a forementioned dink. Total soluble solids from mixed fruits reached to 70% cone and mixed with milk permeate at different ratios. The obtained drink was filled into sterilized bottles and stored at 5°C ± 1 for 15 days. Drinks from all the previous treatments were analyzed chemically and microbiologically and their organoleptic properties and also evaluated in fresh state and after 15 days (in case of microbiologically and organoleptic properties). Total solids differed according to type and ratio of juice added. All drinks could be considered as good sources of ascorbic acid content, β-carotene, minerals content and vitamin (B3 and B6) for human nutrition. Milk permeate drinks fortified with 40% and 20% dehydrated mandarin peel recorded the highest value of antioxidants compounds. Organoleptic properties showed that the nutraceutical drink had palatable flavour. It was also found that drink fortified with 20% dried pulp of mandarin, 33.15 % pulp of papaya, or 33.15 % pulp of pumpkin had more palatable flavoure and highest total overall palatability to the other treatments. Results also revealed that no samples contained any colony-forming unit per gram for both total bacterial count, mold & yeast count, and coliform group during storage.
Key word: Permeate - fruits (mandarin, papaya, pumpkin) nutraceutical drink, antioxidants, β- carotene
Publication year 2008
Pages 293-307
Availability location معهد بحوث الانتاج الحيوانى- شارع نادى الصيد- الدقى - الجيزة
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serial title 3rd International Conference, "Nutrition, Nutritional Status, and Food Sciences in Arab Countries", NRC, Cairo
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Antioxidants. Mandarins. Milk. Papayas. Pumpkins.
Proposed Agrovoc β- carotene;Permeate;nutraceutical drink;
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